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The Best Bagel Avocado Egg Sandwich You’ll Ever Devour

Kenny and I are both creatures of habit, so it isn’t entirely surprising that when we find a food that both of us LOVE, we eat it often. Often, as in, we’ve had this dinner twice in the last week. And if avocados were cheaper, this would probably become a staple in our diet, so I guess it’s for the best that they’re frequently more expensive than I prefer.

I might also point out that this is a recipe of our own invention, which you could usually take with a grain of salt, but not in this case. I’m not entirely sure how it came to be, but we perfected it while we were dating and it continues to bring us together and strengthen our marriage.

Let me introduce you to the Bagel Avocado Egg Sandwich.

Suggested ingredients for 2 sandwiches:

2 bagels

1 ripe avocado

2 eggs, scrambled with milk and a pinch of salt

tomato slices

onion (for Ken, not me)

cheese (we like cheddar)

Kraft Chipotle Mayo

Slice and toast the bagels, either in a toaster or under the broiler in your oven.

Mash avocado; spread on toasted bagels.

Add tomato slices, onions, and any other preferred vegetable ingredients (this is all my job because it’s hard for Ken to keep the kitchen clean through this process).

Meanwhile, scramble and cook the eggs. We have these nifty rubbery forms that we like to use; we also sometimes just cook the eggs as flat as we can and then fold them into a sort of bagel-size once finished.

Put the eggs on the bagels and sprinkle with cheese. Better yet, buy the slices of cheese and use those. Way less mess that way, which you know I love!

Finally, broil in your oven for 1.5-2 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Carefully put the hot sandwiches on your plate and liberally douse with Kraft Chipotle Mayo. Friends, this is not optional. You will not regret it–this is definitely our favorite condiment by far around here. Unless chocolate can be considered a condiment?

Lastly, devour. It is best to do this with someone you love and not with someone you are trying to impress, because this will be the messiest sandwich you will ever eat. You won’t mind though, because your tastebuds will be singing the Hallelujah Chorus. Have lots of napkins nearby, probably at least a pack or two.

As for those pesky avocados, Aldi sells them for $.89 regular price and $.59 when they’re on sale, but they are usually VERY unripe, which means you’ll have to plan ahead about a century. Meijer has them on sale every few weeks for $1, which is the absolute maximum I will spend.

Enjoy! Oh, and trust me, it tastes wayyy better than my pictures look. There’s only so much time I want to spend on this blog, and taking good photos usually gets the shaft.

What’s your favorite thing to put on a bagel? I tell Kenny all the time that bagels are my favorite food. Bagelsbagelsbagels.