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Curled Book Page Wreath (in which I finally take down the last of our Christmas decorations)

Confession: on my continual quest to decorate our apartment on a non-existent budget, I sacrificed a book.

More on that later.

First, a clarification: the budget exists. There is just not any money in it for decorating (unless I dig into my $20/month allowance…which I do on occasion). It forces me to get creative with stuff I already have.

Like books…which I have in abundance.

Normally I would never condone hacking into a book. I work in publishing, and I see how much of an author’s heart and soul gets poured into a book…not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears (I’m speaking literally. Out of experience.) of all of the editors and publicists who make the book a reality.

But. If you must cut into a book, at least choose one that does not have a lot of character. Use your best judgment. Mine was a manual of sorts from the 50s that likely would never get read again by anyone and was most definitely not worth anything. So I decided to enjoy it in a new way.

Please keep the tomato throwing to a minimum. Please. Or throw avocados, so I can at least make guacamole or something awesome.

First, I made a wreath form out of some foam board. Cardboard (thick) would also work for this. I made mine a bit too skinny, so if you make a wreath like this, go a little wider.

diy curled book page wreath cardboard foam base

I used clear packing tape to attach the two half-moons of foam, which made it look a little ghetto, but it worked and you can’t see it in the final product.

Using this tutorial as inspiration, I began looping 1″ wide strips of books and glued them carefully around the wreath. I just used Elmer’s, which tested my patience at times, so if you have any faster drying adhesive, use that. Or just use your extra reserves of patience.

diy curled book page wreath process

After I glued on three layers of teardrop-shaped loops, I then glued on some round loops.

diy curled book page wreath progress

Once I was finished, I let it dry overnight. Warning: Do not let it dry on your living room floor, as it is entirely possible that your husband may step on it.

I’m not saying that happened to me, but, well, it might have.

Next, take down the last of your sad Christmas decorations.

old christmas decor

Replace said Christmas wreath with your new, cheerful, slightly smushed book page wreath.

diy curled book page wreath on door

As you may see, our apartment entry hallway is a sad little space. I’d love to break out some paint and give everything (literally everything) a few new coats of paint. But I am quashing my paint-desiring tendencies for now, as we’d have to paint everything back when we move out.

Sometimes I dream about giving this apartment a sweet makeover…and then I remember the security deposit we put down on it. Booo.

Anyway. Decorate sad spaces with happy, smushed wreaths made of repurposed books. It helps.