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Wedding present preview numero dos

There are many, many perks to living in a crafty/handy family that isn’t afraid to take on big projects.

One such perk is exploiting tapping the talents of each member of my family for their awesome skillz.

For example, my father built us a bed for our wedding gift. See a sneak peek here.

Here are some of the other ways Kenny and I are being blessed by my fam:

My sister Ruth is making our wedding cake. Think a combination of awesomedeliciousandbeautiful.

Sara will take photos for us at the rehearsal dinner and at the reception. We’ll wrest the camera from her hands during the ceremony when she’s busy being a bridesmaid.

My mom is all-around awesome and threw what was probably the greatest shower ever and gifted us with 1) 2 king-sized wool pillows and 2) a super-cushy wool comforter–both from the farm. See? Even the sheep chip in to the wedding gifts.

But this post is a sneak peek of my brother’s gift.

He’s been taking a carpentry class and has all of a sudden become very talented. So we challenged him and asked for 2 nightstands to go with the bed. We gave him a photo and a plan from Ana-White:

and he took it and ran with it. Let me point out that drawers are not the most simple thing ever to build. Here’s the half-finished project:

Whoa. I know. My family is talented. I work in a cubicle. (Read: notquiteasawesomebutstillgood).

Those spaces are where drawers will go (can I get a woohoo for storage space?!). The nightstand on the left is stained…we still have to do the one on the right. We’d ideally like them to match the dresser.

Kenny wants to get these done before the wedding. Not like we have anything else to do, right? 18 days! EEEP!