Planting Sequoias

In which I blog about a life (hopefully) well lived.


Master Bedroom Reveal (in which a room is finally finished after more than two decades of planning)

Well, the time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The master bedroom at my parents house is indeed finished. Well, mostly. We’re calling it done. It’s come a long way. The wallpaper and trim used to look … Continue reading


Master Bedroom Makeover: No-Sew Dropcloth Curtains (in which we use painting supplies to make fake drapes)

Well, my favorite part of decorating the master bedroom arrived last weekend! And that favorite part would be curtains. Call me crazy, but I think they’re the perfect finishing touch on a room…even if that room isn’t finished. Curtains can … Continue reading


Master Bedroom Makeover: Homemade Curtain Rods (in which we use drawer knobs and electrical conduit to hang drapery)

When it comes to saving money, I am definitely cut from the same cloth as my parents…one could say that I come by my thriftiness honestly. So when we saw how many pennies the next phase of the master bedroom … Continue reading


Master Bedroom Makeover: Carpet Removal 101 (in which we unearth bushels of antique dirt)

The master bedroom saga continues! We finished painting this weekend and the 40(ish)-year-old carpet was finally vanquished. (Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 to catch up on this makeover. Parts 6-83 will be forthcoming in the … Continue reading