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Polish Brass with Ketchup (in which playing with food actually has a purpose)


So, I got this little tarnished brass sailboat at the thrift store for $1.99.

Not wanting to spend money (or brain cells) on chemicals to clean the brass, I turned to this natural solution: Ketchup.

Check out how it worked.

Polish brass with ketchup!

Boom. Take that, chemical cleaners! My mom is gonna be so proud.

Before and After Polish Brass with Ketchup

Now I must go and wash my hands again. I keep thinking I’m at a cookout.

Great. Now I’m craving a hamburger.


9 thoughts on “Polish Brass with Ketchup (in which playing with food actually has a purpose)

  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing! I was just saying that I needed to find a non-toxic-ish way to shine up so brass. Happy Friday!

  2. Wha? I have scottie dog brass bookends that I have tried and tried to brasso, still very tarnished. Will try this- great tip!

  3. Whoa. I am impressed! (And proud.) I’ve got some drawer pulls that look sort of like your “before” pictures. But I’m not sure your bloggy tutorial actually gave me enough information to have success on my own. I might need an in-person demonstration…

  4. I had NO idea! That ROCKS. Also, that little sailboat is SOOOO CUUUUUUTE!! I am seriously in love with it. Great find!

  5. This has me laughing out loud, all alone in my bedroom. I hope the smell came off your hands!

    Last year I had a pair of silver earrings that was beginning to tarnish, and for whatever reason my daughter thought she’d help me out by dropping them in an empty pop can. But the can actually had some Coke left in it, and KABOOM they were shiny again when I dug them out.

    Also sticky. Very sticky. I think I’ll go put them on right now.

    • Your daughter is a genius, apparently. I now kind of want to dunk all of my possessions in a variety of different food now just to see what happens.

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