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Stormy Ocean Artwork (in which I spend 1/3 of my budgeted allowance on watery decor)


It has been my long-held belief that Ken and I are sailors at heart. Nevermind that the ocean (which I’ve only seen once) sort of scares me and nevermind the fact that no, we don’t own a boat (or know how to operate any seafaring vessel other than a kayak), but still. We both love the water. We actually met while working together on the shores of Lake Michigan…a gorgeous place.

It should then come as no surprise that this gorgeous gallery wall tickled our fancies. Check out the whole phenomenal house tour of this space here…complete with a really really  inspirational story.collection of vintage oil seascapes

I’ve had this image pinned for more than a year, and ever since then, I’ve been combing thrift stores to begin a collection of my own.

I tried to placate this desire with some other original oil paintings, but they didn’t quite have the same effect (understatement of the year). I still love those, but I’d really love it if they would become a bit more…watery.

You can then imagine my delight when I finally stumbled across this moody seascape at the thrift store.

oil painting seascape with navy frame

After looking furtively to the right and to the left, I casually approached the shelf with this painting, and as soon as it was within my reach, I pounced. With thrift store gems like these, it is important not to look too excited (you gotta avoid tipping off all the other shoppers).

It was $6.99, and since my entire thrift store/allowance/work lunch moolah budgeted for the month is $20, I paused for a split second. But then I came to my senses and purchased it anyway.

oil painting seascape painting in kitchen with navy frame

It now hangs moodily in our kitchen and provides some great contrast to the crisp purple herringbone rug. Once I amass a half-dozen or more of these type of seascapes, I’ll gallery-ize them and probably get some coordinating thin frames for a cohesive look. But at the rate my collection is going, it’ll take me about a decade.

The moral of the story: I may have to increase my time spent thrifting and  increase my allowance budget. Just sayin’. 😉

Shameless plug/awesome deal: last week I bought a sweet chalkboard wall sticker (that’s 6′ long! that you can cut up into awesome shapes!) from Eversave. If you use my link to sign up, you get a free $5 to spend and can get one too for just $10! Check it out here. Deal valid until 3/25.


11 thoughts on “Stormy Ocean Artwork (in which I spend 1/3 of my budgeted allowance on watery decor)

  1. Love the gallery wall. It looks great. I also meant to comment on the purple mat. I’m only allowed a certain amount of purple at my house too…. 🙂



  2. Popped over here from YHL and I’m hooked. I’d seen your blog before (I remember your broach bouquet) but your writing style got me today. The honeymoon pic of you golfing – priceless! So hilarious. Anyway, I really like your title parenthesis; it’s nice to discover a unique voice in home blogs/diy. I’m way older than you, since my hubby and I have been married 8.5 years, and we have two kiddos. But I can still identify with you how wonderful and perfect one’s wedding day is! Cheers and happy Monday, Laura

    • Well sheesh, you win the nicest comment of the day award! I am going to show this to Ken, since I think it still slightly shocks him that people actually read/like my blog. THIS’LL SHOW HIM.

  3. Well now Ken must be falling over since I told him in person just yesterday that I love your blog! Love the painting! Great find…most thrifts think this is worth way more than your bargain. Are you sure you didn’t scratch off the one in front of the six? 😉

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