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Master Bedroom Reveal (in which a room is finally finished after more than two decades of planning)


Well, the time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived.

The master bedroom at my parents house is indeed finished. Well, mostly. We’re calling it done.

It’s come a long way. The wallpaper and trim used to look like this. Please brace yourself–I don’t want anyone falling off their chair in shock. Safety first.

old master bedroom wallpaper with butterflies and moths

Yes, that is butterfly/moth wallpaper. We spent HOURS scraping the gunk off the walls.

But now, Mom and Dad can rest easy (literally) because their room now looks like this:

antique furniture with board and batten, crown molding, and dark ceiling

Let’s recap a little, shall we? And we’ll go waaaay back this time…let’s say 22 years.

Mom and Dad moved into this house in 1992. I was just a lil’ tyke.

The first thing Mom said she would be changing was the master bedroom wallpaper.

That obviously didn’t happen for more than two decades. Time has a funny way of getting away from us, huh? Almost the entire rest of the house was remodeled first. It could be that Mom is selfless, but I think the real reason is that we were all terrified of the ordeal of taking off the wallpaper.

So, on the day I had surgery to remove a kidney stone and was completely bored, we ripped all the wallpaper off. That was last April, and nothing happened after that. Until Christmas. The sibs and I plotted and schemed and settled on gifting my parents with the labor for a master bedroom makeover. Since then, we’ve painted the ceiling a cozy dark gray/brown, painted the walls and crown molding and installed board and batten (and new baseboards), installed craftsman-style wood trim around the windows and doors, removed the carpet, laid variegated engineered hardwood flooring, made cheap $10 curtain rods, hung no-sew dropcloth curtains, and even made some nifty doorknob hooks. Whew. Say all of that three times fast.

Let’s dive into some finished room pictures, shall we? This is what Mom and Dad see first when they walk in the doorway.

ceiling fan, quilt, board and batten and dropcloth curtains

The dark ceiling makes everything feel cozy and warm, in my opinion. And even the dated textured swoops look kind of nice with dark paint.

One of the main reasons for the board and batten install was Mom and Dad’s antique bedroom furniture–we wanted it to really pop off the walls. And it does.

The cedar chest along the far wall serves as sort of a window seat. Dad made it for Mom as a wedding gift back in the day.

antique furniture with board and batten, crown molding, and dark ceiling

We upgraded the ceiling fan with some newer-looking glass light covers. It’s still a ceiling fan, but it looks pretty good, if you ask me. They fit the style of the room better than the frilly flowery shades that used to adorn those lights did.

Mom wove those two rugs you see on the floor (yes, like on a loom…she has three)…they normally live in the kitchen but we stole them for a bit until they find (or make) some rugs designated for this area. (I told you I lived in a crazy talented family.)

We used the ledge of the board and batten to create a couple of nice vignettes filled with memories. For example, do you see those flat round baskets on the ledge to the right? Those are from Mom’s time in Africa as a missionary, before she and Dad were married.

antique dark wood furniture with board and batten

Oh, and my very talented Grandma made the quilt…you can’t see it fully here, but it’s very intricately handquilted by her. It takes her hundreds of hours per quilt, yet she still manages to finish 2 or 3 quilts each year.

craftsman-style wood trim with board and batten

In the corner, Mom created a little reading nook with an antique Stickley chair from the early 1900’s and a bajillion pound antique brass lamp. We’re still looking for a shade for it, as the old one was a wee bit waterstained and gross and one that is on it currently is way too small and a totally wrong style for the lamp. Ignore the cord. We do. 🙂

reading nook with stickley rocking chair

So, there you have it! Let’s close the book on this one.

antique furniture with board and batten, crown molding, and dark ceiling

Now, let’s play a game. What’s your favorite part? The quilt is definitely stealing the show, but I have to say the board and batten still has my heart. And I love the little reading nook. Love.

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19 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Reveal (in which a room is finally finished after more than two decades of planning)

  1. So impressive, Annabelle! Will you do my room next?

    Kudos to Kenneth and any other helper in this project. Job well done!

  2. I LOVE it! You guys are super talented. And I will be contacting you soon to redo my whole house 🙂 LOL

  3. LOVE it!! It looks like a room one could find in a cozy bed and breakfast

  4. Ohhhhhhh, prettyyyyyyyy! Definitely better than the butterfly/moths!

    PS – I totally liked you on FB. 🙂

  5. It looks amazing! My favorite parts are the wide ledge on the board and batten and the door knob hooks. I also love that you didn’t paint the closet doors and window trim. It’s beautiful!

  6. It is all magnificent but I am coveting the floor at the moment! It was the board and batten earlier. it should be the quilt because I just finished my first one yesterday (note: do not choose a queen size difficult pattern for first quilt) . Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Kathy! Congrats on finishing your first quilt! I’ve never finished a queen sized one but I have one that I began…several years ago…

  7. My favorite part is the people of this room. My dear husband’s handiwork in the cedar chest. His grandparent’s lamp. My grandparents’ bedroom furniture. My other grandparents’ rocking chair. My mother-in-law’s quilt. My daughter’s handmade nightstand. And all of you kids and your work–scraping walls, painting, laying floor, making curtains and obsessively decorating this amazing new space. I love it. Thank you. Well done!

    • Aw, shucks. Mom. Stop. Also, I didn’t know the bedroom furniture was from your grandparents…and I forgot the rocking chair was from Grandma-with-the-duck!

  8. My favorite is also the wide ledge at the top of the white trimwork. I love how you can put all manner of stuff up there and it still looks great. The whole room is fabulous!

  9. Can’t wait to get home to see it. My Mom and Dad are looking down with great pride!

  10. i love the board and batten, and i can’t believe you tackled the wallpaper with a kidney stone! have you thought about painting the closet doors white? it would mimic the wall treatment you did. great job in here!

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  12. What a lucky mom to have kids like you! You did a beautiful job, and I love the wall color paired with the board and batten, and the ceiling does make the space cozy – just what you want in a bedroom! Well done! Thanks for linking up to my Project Party!

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