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More Thrift Store Art Work (in which I hang a Van Gogh in the bathroom)


After 6 months of marriage, you’d think that Kenny and I would have everything figured out by now.


I am here to tell you that that is not entirely the case.

(Please take this moment to pick your jaw up off the floor).

We (ever so) occasionally are not on the same page as each other. Yes, we mostly just finish each other’s sentences and simultaneously eat spaghetti noodles from each end until we reach the middle and smooch, but not all the time.

One such (rare) instance occurred last week when I returned to the apartment, flushed and triumphant and covered in snow after scouring each and every thrift store in the city.

You see, I was positive that I had found the key to Kenny’s elusive decorating style.

Mass-Produced van Gogh with an ornate frame

I normally consult Kenny via picture text message from the thrift store, but this time I was sure he’d like what I’d found so I went ahead and made the purchase. At the “all-sales final” thrift store, no less.

The ticket to Ken’s decorating satisfaction I thought would be in one mass-produced (but still sort of antique) Van Gogh sunflower painting. With a very cool frame.

But when I carted it into the apartment, I was met with his “meh” face. He was happy that I was happy, yes, but apparently fake flower still-life paintings are not quite Ken’s jam.

The reason I thought this might work is that my husband is what I’d categorize as traditional/borderline preppy, and people will back me up on this. The man detests a skinny tie and took fencing in college. He’s studying to be a lawyer (and not the cool intellectual property type). He likes things like going to the symphony and owns a deck of theologian trading cards (not even joking a little bit).

So I thought, well, it doesn’t get more traditional than the works of the Dutch master…right?

Nope. Not Kenny’s thing. I’m back at square one trying to get him to drop one little hint to help me discern the types of things he’d like in his home.

But I hung this $4.99 beauty in the bathroom anyway.

Fake Van Gogh Sunflower Painting in Bathroom

Bathrooms can never be too classy, right?

We’ll see what Ken says when he sees where I put it. More to come on this developing story, I’m sure.


8 thoughts on “More Thrift Store Art Work (in which I hang a Van Gogh in the bathroom)

  1. I love it! (and I know other’s around here who also have theologian trading cards so he’s in good company!)

    • Haha, I’m sure you do know people! Our friend Grace actually helped edit these at Zondervan and passed a set along to us because she knew Kenny would be all over them. 🙂

  2. Haha, ah yes, trying to figure out the husband’s style. It may be that he doesn’t have any idea what his style is, but “knows it when he sees it”. I subtly indoctrinate my husband with things I like (via pinterest, magazines, blogs) until he starts to like them too (but please don’t tell him that). Good luck figuring out Kenny’s style!

  3. Oh man, John and I disagree on so many design aspects it’s crazy. The other day we were discussing overhead lighting for our living room and he said, “I don’t care as long as it gives off good light”. So I pick a bunch of options to show him and he vetoed all of them. But who’s doing the work…US LADIES! Good for you for trying to meet him in the middle, though!

    P.S. I’m passing along my Liebster Blog Award to you. Check out this post for more info (

  4. Eric keeps telling me he likes red. Dark red. He wants it all over his library walls. And I said, “Fine, we’ll paint the living room yellow to go with it.” And then he said, “But I don’t like yellow.” So I said, “What do you like?” And he said, “I don’t know.”

    And that’s where the conversation stopped two months ago. I’ve just painted the colors I like and he hasn’t noticed. Men!

    • So glad he hasn’t noticed. That’s a great tactic! I was just showing Kenny something on Pinterest that I loved and I’m fairly sure he would not have noticed but he was quick to express his dislike. That’s the last time I ask him for his opinion! 😉

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