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Hey Girl (in which my husband soundly trumps Ryan Gosling)


It is a well-known fact that my husband is an attractive man, so I thought I’d commemorate the upcoming holiday with some things that Kenny may have (or may not have) said that tickle my fancy.

Rustic Wedding Hey Girl

For some reference, check out our wedding here.

Thrift Store Date Hey Girl

My love of thrifting runs wide and deep. Here, here, and here are a few posts commemorating that love.

DIY Haircut

(I wouldn’t say that my husband is high-maintenance, per se, but he has been rather protective of his haircuts of late.)

Coupons Hey Girl

That man knows I love to save me some money. Here’s how we got our 42″ TV for $99 and here’s one of many posts where I detail my love of coupons.

Dinner Hey Girl

He’s a good, good man.

I should note that (since my mother is now probably worrying about the strength of our marriage) Ken has veto power over everything I put on the blog. He’s kind of like the president in that way. And, while he didn’t explicitly veto anything in this post, this is the face he made (over and over) as I showed these to him.

Ken's response

I took that as a sign of both his approval and of his undying love for me.

Over and out.

Almost. Linking up here.

NOW I’m over and out.

(Hmmm. That phrase doesn’t have quite the same emphatic-ness the second time you say it, huh? Ponder that one for a sec.)

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44 thoughts on “Hey Girl (in which my husband soundly trumps Ryan Gosling)

  1. Super cute. You’re a lucky girl!

  2. Kenny makes a great Ryan Gosling. I’m so thankful he appreciates your humor.

    This is great.

  3. And yes, Ken-shizzle is an attractive man. Well-known fact.

  4. Uhhhh, I’d have to agree it doesn’t have the same affect the second time around … but all of your hey girls are awesome!! And I’m going to check out how you scored the tv for $99! That sounds like some serious coupon stacking, flier scouring and price comparing … or maybe it was thrifted. 🙂

  5. Oh my word, LOL, LOVE this!! Thanks for the giggles this morning 😉

  6. Haha that made me laugh, well my hubby did let his friends DIY his hair on my Hey Girl.

  7. Glad your husband is a good sport about this unlike others. Thanks for joining in!

  8. Ah ha ha ha ha ha…… in 30 years of marriage I’ve seen more than my fair share of that sort of face being made at me, and sadly given more than any human deserves of bad hair cuts!


    • I have seen that face made so many times in our 6 months of marriage that I’m a little afraid sometimes that Kenny’s face is going to freeze like that. Glad to hear someone’s made it 30 years without incident.

  9. Okay, I literally LOLed at the DIY haircut one . . . awesome 🙂

    • I watched YHL’s tutorial on how Sherry cuts John’s hair, so I’m basically a certified expert. My husband is missing out on my incredible haircutting skills.

  10. Hah! I love the date night one. Every thrifting girl’s dream. Thanks for linking up!

    • EXACTLY, dreamy. I think my hubs would like it better if he stopped being so afraid he’d catch an infectious disease every time he sets foot in a thrift store.

  11. Haha!! Those were adorable!

  12. My husband also has presidential veto powers. It’s a good thing that ONE of us has a filter.

    (Don’t tell him I said this, but it turns out that there are ways a girl can work around the presidential veto. Presidents can be awfully easy to manipulate if you get them in the right mood.)

  13. Ummmm…yes your husband is very handsome…could even be a movie star! Those are great “Hey, Girls”! Thanks for sharing them!

  14. lol!!! too funny, but I couldn’t see half the photos… not sure why?? Great party!

  15. These were some of my favorites! First, because they are HILARIOUS, but also because Andy has said almost of all of those things, and it totally made me appreciate him even more. High fives for finding great men! 🙂 Yours sounds like a total catch. (And PS, mine has veto power too, but he likes to pretend like he didn’t “okay” all of those photos today. haha!) Thanks so much for the laugh and for linking up!

    • Oh yes, Ken would never actually admit to approving these, though he is secretly thrilled at all of the attention. Or not so secretly, anymore, because we’re definitely on to him. 🙂

  16. hysterical!!!!! i love the haircut one, but they are all great!

  17. This is so hilarious!

  18. Y’all are so AH-dorable. Love these! I’m McLovin’ this party! ;P

    Linking from Bliss Ranch,
    Ricki Jill

  19. That look absolutely means he loves what you wrote! lol

  20. What a fabulous party – love love love your post!!!
    So happy to be a part of this!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful man………….

  21. Loved them. And yes these hubbys have got to be the best to willingly participate in all the crazy we call blog posts.

  22. What a guy! I wish my husband would come thrifting with me!

  23. Why this is one of the best things ever, hooray for you for having such an awesome, fun loving husband!

  24. LOVE THIS BLOG POST! Amazing. And hilarious. And Witty. and FUN! Awesome “hey girl” photos! Ken is such a good sport, so adorable

  25. These were so fun. Glad you did them and hubs was ok with it. I am having fun reading them all- and it was a blast to do them to my hubs also. ~ tammy

  26. Ha!!! This cracks me up! (Especially the haircut YouTube tutorial!) I kind of want to steal this idea for a blog post…do I have permission? 🙂 (Also? My dad takes my mom on thrift store dates all the time. Love it.)

  27. love the thrift store one!

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