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Thrift Shop Challenge (in which my soul apparently longeth after secondhand mammals)


When J-Boom and $herdog of Young House Love challenged the internet to a thrift store challenge, I immediately (basically) began combing the G-Rap thrift stores for some sweet finds to share. And they did not disappoint.

Before I dive in and share my spoils, however, allow me to explain (or, you could just read their post on the challenge here).

The challenge was issued because of a little song that’s become popular lately…Thrift Shop by Macklemore. It’s a really catchy song, which is somewhat unfortunate since it is pretty salty (don’t worry; I linked to the clean version).

Anyway, I had “$20 dolla in my pocket,” I dressed in traditional thrifting garb, and I headed out on a mission with cameraman Ken.

$20 in my pocket

Apparently traditional thrifting garb includes an eskimo coat and shades.

Here is spoil #1. Mercury glass? Only $2? With the original $19.99 pricetag still on the bottom? You had better believe I ran shrieking and flailing to the cash register (much to Ken’s chagrin at my antics).

mercury glass

And then, at the next thrift store, I adopted a whole herd of these young fawns. You can already tell that one of them has been pretty mischievous, given the placement of his pricetag. The cost for these guys? Well, $.99 for the one in the back, obviously; her fraternal twin brother was also $.99 and that larger one was a $2.99 splurge. I’m going to let Kenny name them since he put up with all of my recent antics.

herd of...fawns

I peeled off the stickery-goodness and gave them a place near some realistic-looking flora…I figured they’d be at home there since they’re fauna…or “fawna”…

fawns in their new home

The more mature one got a spraypaint makeover with some glossy Krylon and has taken up residence near our TV.

spraypainted deer

Oh, and let’s not forget the other part of the challenge…to find something referenced in the “Thrift Shop” song:

thrifted fringe

Yeah. Fringe. “I look in-cred-a-buuul…”

Ken was so embarrassed to be the designated photographer at this point, but since he took the picture anyway, I think he really loves me. And sadly, the fringe-y poncho stayed at the thrift store for some other lucky shopper to find. Ken would probably never have spoken to me again if that thing had come home with us.

Bonus points to whoever name the very vaguely referenced song in this post title. And no, I never should have paired these two songs. I realize that, but I did it anyway.


25 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Challenge (in which my soul apparently longeth after secondhand mammals)

  1. I love this blot post! Awesome finds 🙂

  2. Is the song “As the deer”?

    I love thrifting too! Great finds!

  3. How cute are those fawns!! That is hilarious…mischievous fawn. Your thrifting garb is awesome, I gotta say!
    I was unaware of this challenge, which seems super fun. But I recently did buy a couple of great things for a total of $2 from the thrift store I’ll be sharing on my blog soon. Yay to thrifting!! 🙂

  4. As the deer panteth for the water, so your soul longs?
    Missed you last night!

  5. Love the G-dub spoils! The poncho is classic thrift.

  6. Apparently we are long-lost thrifters…my $20 photo looks a lot like yours, complete with Eskimo fringe. Those two little deer look quite happy in their new home!

  7. Love the finds!

    Your “fawna” photo reminds me that I need to beg my mom for all her old Reader’s Digest books!

  8. that fawn in white looks awesome!

  9. Yeah! Deer! Very cute, what a lucky find!

  10. I would be running and swatting away other people upon finding that mercury glass vase. Nice work!

  11. You found some great items! I love the mercury glass, and the goodwill is definitely my favorite thrift store! Is it wrong that I kind of like that poncho? Maybe I have been spending too much time in thrift stores?? 😉

  12. LOVE your finds! Totally love the sprayed makeover deer – it looks awesome now – but the little two really stole my heart. A-dor-a-bull. This has been such a great challenge! (I’ve been going through everyone’s, SO fun. If you want, you can check out mine:

  13. Great finds! I’m jealous you had a photographer. My husband has a thrift store phobia.

  14. Hi, just popping over from YHL – I love the mercury glass! The made-over deer look great 🙂

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  16. fawna… ha! i see what you did there! too cute! love that you painted the larger one a classy white. great finds.

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  18. Awesome finds! I love the visual of you running to the register with your spoils! Glad to have found your blog via YHL!

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