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Elephant Decor (in which I walk the thin line between eccentric and whimsical)


whim·si·cal [hwim-zi-kuh l]//ec·cen·tric [ik-sen-trik]

I love phonetic spellings. This may be because, as an avid young reader, much of my vocabulary came from the written word and not the spoken word. This lead to MANY an embarrassing mispronunciation when I tried to use those learned words in everyday conversation. I still fear there are words lurking in my subconscious waiting to pop out of my mouth incorrectly, just waiting to embarrass me at the most inopportune moment, like at a work meeting or something like that.

Annnnnd that was way more than you needed to know about me. Moving on.

A few months ago, I adopted this little rubbery-plastic elephant from the Target dollar spot and knew just what to do with him (thanks to Pinterest, obviously, and my new Young House Love book that Santa DID bring for Christmas!).


He was nice as-is, but I was looking to create a piece of decor that was a little more refined-looking. Enter spray paint (about a billion coats since I didn’t use primer).

white "ceramic" elephant

He now lives north of our record player and south of our collection of cookbooks. Yes, we definitely have a “Venison Lover’s” cookbook. That was one of my husband’s many contributions to this marriage.

Reading corner

I’m still trying to decide if this little guy is whimsical, which I could work with, or if it is moving into the eccentric side of the spectrum, which I usually try to avoid. Usually without a lot of success, but still.

At some point, Ken and I have plans to refinish those two matching bookshelves we have (one pictured above), but I think that will happen once we have a more permanent home. I want to paint them white or a light gray, which would blend in with our off-white apartment-colored walls. And we are not painting in here, since we’d just have to paint it back once we move out. So I settle for painting the bookshelves’ contents white instead.

The books are next.

Ha! Just kidding.



5 thoughts on “Elephant Decor (in which I walk the thin line between eccentric and whimsical)

  1. Haha! I can just imagine what a mess it would be to paint books :)! We have some lovely off-white apartment walls too. Good times. What about just painting the inside of the bookshelves?
    Also, I think the little elephant is whimsical, but I have a bunch of (what I like to think of as) whimsical animals around the house, so I might be biased.

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