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Chalkboard Chargers (in which I douse nearly everything I own in spray paint)


I’ve been on a bit of a spray paint kick lately, which will become more evident in future posts. Bam. Teaser.

Part of the reason is that I am desperately clinging onto the last vestiges of autumn before it slips through my fingers and winter rears it’s nasty head.

And part of the reason is just because I really like spraying things with paint. Those aerosol cans can help release a lot of stress, you know?

The latest of my possessions to receive a spray paint dousing was a set of 4 gold plastic chargers that I’d purchased from a thrift store about a year ago but had never used. This is probably because I rarely entertain, and when I do, chargers are the last thing I think of. We’re usually lucky if I just remember to put forks on the table.

Of course, to fit in with recent trends, I had to use chalkboard spray paint. (Plus, I had some leftover from the wedding and from this project and from a shall-not-be-named project, to be revealed once Christmas is over). See? I’m a spray paint maniac. And you haven’t even heard the half of it.

Here’s my faux dining set-up. We didn’t actually host thanksgiving (have you seen the size of our apartment?), though I did make this scrumptious pumpkin pull-apart bread with a rum glaze.

If you look more closely, you can see the chalkboard chargers. No in-process pictures of this, because, well, it’s just spray paint.

After I conditioned the chargers by getting chalk everywhere, I did jot down some nice thanksgiving-y words like grateful and blessed. Because they’re true, and I need lots of reminders.

But let’s zoom in on this other table accouterment (that word means accessory, but for some ODD reason, “accouterment” is what popped into my head first. I may have issues.)

This little bird is a napkin holder that my grandpa made. Not joking. DO YOU SEE HOW SMALL THAT EYELID PIECE IS? I come from a rich heritage of craftiness.

So if any of you want to come to our place and risk getting chalk dust in your dinner, you are  most welcome. But you’ll probably have to remind me to use the chargers for your visit, because once they go back in the cupboard, there’s a good chance that I’ll forget they exist.

Now, what else can I cover with this glorious chalky liquid?

I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!


15 thoughts on “Chalkboard Chargers (in which I douse nearly everything I own in spray paint)

  1. OH those plates are AWESOME!!! Love your wall art too!

  2. these are super cute! i have some old ones too – might need to get this treatment upgrade 🙂

  3. You and I are clearly blog soulmates. I love spray paint, too. And I particularly love chalkboard spray paint. Would you believe that I totally have chalkboard chargers, too? 😉 And now I totally wanna spray paint some wine bottles, now. =)

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY! Really appreciate it.

  4. I love your “new” chargers! And that napkin holder?! WOW!

  5. We are kindred spray paint … correction, kindred chalkboard spray paint … spirits! I too doused some chargers with chalkboard spray paint. And I’ve been spray painting so many things these days that I can’t even put my car in the garage. That spot has become my spray paint station. I hope my husband doesn’t check out the passenger side of his car. He may just find some fine chalkboard spray paint mist …



    • Oh, our poor husbands! Mine just recently had to move my spray paint station so he could get the car into the garage…they put up with a lot from us crafty type!

  6. Oooh, this is awesome! I love the chargers, and I didn’t even know chalkboard spray paint was an option. I’ve put off chalkboard projects because I didn’t want to have to a full-blown painting project. But spray paint I can handle. And I love your gallery wall, and especially the little Star Wars cross stitch. That’s way cool. Love it, thanks for joining in!

  7. I see I have met my group of people here. All sharing the addiction to chalkboard paint. Seriously cannot get enough. Great job!

  8. These look great too! Clearly great minds think alike (I’m sharing chalkboard chargers at the Dare to DIY party too).

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