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Sweater-arm Boot Socks (in which I contort myself into a pretzel to take pictures of my own legs)


I pretty much included all of my appendages in that post title. WIN.

Last year, I got a big fluffy sweater from a thrift store for a project that I have yet to finish. In my defense, it was a Christmas project, so once Christmas was over, it would have been weird to tackle that one again. I still hope to finish it before this Christmas, but we’ll see.

But when the sweater  (which I’d precariously perched atop a stack of boxes on the top shelf of our closet) fell onto my head for the umpteenth time last week, the idea hit me.

It was only 7am, and since bursts of inspiration are rare at that hour, I chose to embrace it. Keep in mind while reading this post that my faculties are not all that they could be at that hour either and that 7am is not the best time to take photos (although for me, taking good pictures is always a challenge, no matter what time it is).

Grace, people. I need lots.

Here’s the topic of this discussion:

I liked the chunky cable-knit, but it had outlived it’s usefulness as a traditional sweater.

So I did this. To my credit, I didn’t cut off any of my own body parts, despite having gotten out of bed only moments earlier.

The goal was to make these:

Image from here.

I obviously didn’t have time to break out the ole’ 1950’s Singer to hem the bottoms of these (besides, using a zig-zag stitch would have been best to preserve elasticity, but unfortunately, my sewing machine was invented before zig-zag), so I just threw them on over my pants.

Uhh, that’s awkward.

I don’t know if any of you fully realize how hard it is to take a picture of one’s legs.

This picture was not the first attempt, or the second. The early hour and my general bleariness were probably factoring into the poor photography as well.

But in the interest of getting to work at 8am, I pressed on towards the goal and shoved my feet into my boots.

Oh, wait, you probably wanted to actually see my boots? That’s a big request, people. I can’t emphasize it enough; self-pictures of legs are difficult.

I finally contorted my body enough to snap this pic. Let’s just call the blurriness and the off-centeredness artsy, okay? Oh, and I did get this less blurry close-up:

I snapped this and zoomed off to work, and luckily, no one questioned the fact that I was wearing a sweater on my legs.

Eventually, I plan on mooching off someone whose sewing machine has zig-zag capabilities coughmomcough and using up more of the mangled sweater on another of my great ideas. Check in tomorrow for that story and to make sure I still have all of my fingers.


3 thoughts on “Sweater-arm Boot Socks (in which I contort myself into a pretzel to take pictures of my own legs)

  1. So how did you feel about them after wearing them for a day? Like? Dislike? I’ve debated doing the same thing…but I can’t decide if it’s worth it or not.

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