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Jute-wrapped Stuff (in which I wrap string around everything and take pictures at 10pm)


We’ll just chalk the pictures up to having a “spooky” effect, shall we? No comments from the peanut gallery on my stellar photography.

I had some leftover jute from the wedding (we used it to hang mason jars from the rafters at the reception), and I had some things to spruce up.

I sort of decorated for fall with this garland-turned-into-a-wreath that hangs on the door. I got it in December last year for 90% off at Target and have been carting it around ever since, waiting for the moment where it could see the light of day.

The wreath hanger is also from Target, and yes, it was 90% off too, in January. But it seemed a little lacking. (So does the door, the doorframe, the paint color in here, etc, etc, but I’m working with what I can control.)

So I wrapped the lackluster wreath hanger with jute using scotch tape at the top and bottom. I don’t own a hot glue gun, which is a travesty, but in this case, I like the tape option because now I can change up the jute if I so desire in the future.

It adds some really great texture, mmmm?

Then, because the jute was just sitting out, I began scheming of other ways I could use it, which resulted in this big glass vase getting wrapped:

//dark/blurry picture=scary//

This is partially to make it look cool and partially to cover up some gross sticker residue that I can’t be bothered to take off.

See that little bamboo plant behind the silver frame? It’s actually 9 bamboo plants braided together and is awesome. Kenny and I found this one and one other at Lowes for $.70 each. At that price, I can risk it dying because of my black thumb. I’ll have to introduce you to the other plant soon.

Finally, a little jute got wrapped around these vases on the other side of the TV.

At that point, I’d run out of jute and Kenny breathed a sigh of relief. I think he thought he was next–but no. I have bigger plans for him.


8 thoughts on “Jute-wrapped Stuff (in which I wrap string around everything and take pictures at 10pm)

  1. I honestly did not know what jute was before this moment. Thanks for the enlightenment! I might just have to go buy some! Your wreath hanger looks great!

  2. Anne – I love your writings! (-: Marrilee

  3. yes, jute is a new word that has been added to my vocabulary today.

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