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Post-Wedding Haircut (in which I take a literal weight off my shoulders)


Yes, I did just get married:

The wedding bills are paid.

I have changed my name in a bajillion places.

We are all moved in to our new apartment.


But there was one thing that I hadn’t done yet…


the post-wedding chop.

//cue ominous music?//


Anyway, I went from this:Image

(photo credit: that guy I live with)


to this:


(photo credit: that same guy I live with).


My neck can finally see daylight again. And my hair bands can breathe a sigh of relief and make their way to the back of the drawer. Yaaaayyy!



5 thoughts on “Post-Wedding Haircut (in which I take a literal weight off my shoulders)

  1. It looks great! Who gets the credit?

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