Planting Sequoias

In which I blog about a life (hopefully) well lived.

Moving right along: Day 2

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Our apartment is looking more and more habitable by the day. And Kenny and I still want to get married, so that’s good too.

These photos document the chaos of the second day. We spent hours putting things away and unpacking carefully, yet it seemed like we only made a small dent!

Whenever I move into a new place, I like to take my time putting things where they belong and thinking of the most efficient/effective way to store things. Which means that moving in is quite the process.

Our blinds aren’t broken. We just don’t get fancy when we are super sweaty and on the constant verge of arguing. 🙂

You are getting an inside peek into our lives…hopefully our living room looks better than this when you all visit in person.

There’s the bed! and the bookshelf I refinished. The room won’t hold much more than that. Though the dresser fits too, and we thought we’d have to store that in the living room. Hoorah!

We’re taking volunteers to help move and unpack the rest! We’d pay you in a limited-edition high-five and 20 points. See you soon–no one will be able to resist that offer, right?


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