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I have a sliver

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in my foot. It’s been YEARS since I’ve gotten a sliver…shudder. It brings back memories of my father and a needle that I’d *thought* I’d done a good job of repressing.

I took a wrong turn out of Meijer today over my lunch hour. Yes, the one that is basically right across the street from work and that I’ve been to a hundred times. This lead to a 15-minute detour in lunch-hour traffic in my bajillion degree car.

When I’m at work, I listen to the likes of One Direction, Fun, Call Me Maybe, etc. etc., usually on repeat. I am POSITIVE that I am the only one at work who even knows of these bands/song. I think I’m clinging onto my youth, subconsciously trying to flee from adulthood.

I’m going on my first plane ride, ever–in September, on a business trip. I figure I’ll be sick of the hubs by then, so it is quite timely.

I keep freaking out with both anxiety and excitement over the wedding. You never know which one you’re going to get. I think Ken is now thoroughly spooked.

Is it awful that I hate the current “forever” stamps? I guess I just envisioned something different than words like “Justice” and “Equality” over my thank-you cards. But that’s all Meijer had, so that’s what people are getting. Perhaps I need to switch my work soundtrack to songs like this.

Obviously, lots of thoughts running through my head. I had to get them out so I could focus. đŸ™‚


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