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We went to the beach again.

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This happened this weekend:

Yes. That is Tunnel Park. Geneva now has campers, so it is off limits–I guess this’ll have to do. 🙂

Kenny and I get along quite well. Which is good. Here’s one example: we park outside the park (to avoid the parking fees) and walk. All the way to the beach. Which is quite a long way–across the parking lot and grass, through the trail and tunnel, and then down the dune to the beach. We were heavy laden with beachy items. The sand was blistering. But we made it, and then waded into the water…for about 2 minutes. What can I say? It was cold.

I then spot Big Red at Holland State Park in the distance and suggest we walk there. Kenny agrees that this is a great idea. We debate briefly what to do with all of our beachy items and determine that they need to be put back in the car–so back across the blistering sand we go, though the tunnel, down the trail, over the grass, and to the car. And then back to the beach (but this time we went over the dune for some variety). And then we walked all the way to HSP, which took us about 40 minutes. And then back again. All the way to the car.

I think you kind of have to have been to Tunnel Park to appreciate the amount of climbing and walking we did, but my point is this: not many people would put up with a 5 minute beach visit and crazy amounts of beachwalking like that, but Ken can. 🙂

We then treated ourselves to Sluggo’s and Captain Sundae’s, after which I may have stated that I never wanted to eat again.

This weekend also included cottage-ing with Mike and Shelly (SO LOVELY), my introduction at church (see here), Jimmy John’s, 18 holes of golf (I gave up on pretending to be a golfer by hole 11 and just pushed around my little cart the rest of the way), ribs on the grill, and s’mores. I was a happy camper. Still am, as a matter of fact.


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