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Kreg Jig Joy

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For some reason, when looking at a blank blog post screen, I always want to begin it with “you guys.” I don’t know why. Yesterday I did address 2 of my coworkers in this manner before thinking it through. Let the record show, though, that I do remain about 95% professional at work. I am getting good at it…but progress could still be made.

Kenny made an investment in our future earlier this week–he bought a tool! The day before he purchased it, he asked me to put it on our Sear’s registry, but I guess he couldn’t wait. Luckily, I’d procrastinated and hadn’t gotten around to doing it yet, so I didn’t have to take it backoff the registry.

He got a Kreg Jig:

This is thrilling on multiple levels.

1. It helps you join pieces of wood together.

2. I’ve wanted one for a while.

3. Kenny is now really excited about building things.

4. All of our building dreams can now become a reality.


I’ll let you know how it goes.



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