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Whirlwind Weekend

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Today marks 2 months until our wedding day!

Anticipation is a funny thing. On the one hand, we’ve been waiting for marriage for a long time and we’re really excited to be over this whole “dating” stage of life. (Not “dating” itself, per se, but the whole “not yet married” thing–we’re over it).

On the other hand, I get really anxious when I think about all that I have to do between now and then.

On the other…other hand (who has three hands? Bah. Just go with me on this one), Kenny and I both have mentioned that we want to be intentional about enjoying this summer, not just wishing it away. We’ve developed a habit of creating a “to-do” list every season of things that we definitely want to do that summer/fall/winter. (Spring kind of gets lumped into summer.)

On our list for the summer is “get married,” yes, but there are also a bunch of other quality activities on the list. This weekend we got to cross off two of our listy activities. And a bunch of other fun stuff, too.

After work on Friday, we paid a visit to the pool and then finally celebrated Kenny’s birthday by going to Leo’s in downtown GR with his family. Love them. Love that place. Anticipation was running high there too, as that’s where we’re having our rehearsal dinner (YUM).

Saturday we headed to Holland, as has been our custom for the past few weeks, to work on our wedding gift from my dad (he’s built us a bed, and I offered to refinish it!). My grandma helped me with a zipper in a bridesmaid dress, we visited with my family, and we sweated. A lot.

Then we headed back to GR for a Whitecaps game, the first thing on our list that was accomplished this weekend. It was great, even though they lost.

On Sunday after church, we did the second activity from our list: tubing down the Rogue River in Rockford. It was great–it took us about 2 hours to go perhaps 1 mile. We hope to go again later this summer with friends. 🙂

It’s easy to get caught up in the wedding busy-ness, but this weekend I think we did a good job of setting that aside for some quality summer fun. More to come.


One thought on “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. This is awesome Annie! I hope Josh & I can be intentional about enjoying our summer as well. As you said, with so much anticipation of our wedding it can be easy to wish the weeks away. Maybe we’ll take inspiration from you & Kenny and make our own list 🙂

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