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I wish I were a blogger

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Man. I wish I were a blogger. I LOVE reading other people’s blogs. I love looking back at the (few!) posts I’ve written. I wish there were more.


Several things have contributed to me not blogging as much as I wish I did:

1. I don’t like the appearance of my blog. And I am finding that it is incredibly hard and frustrating for me to try and change it.

2. I am a writer. Like a real one, sort of. (Okay! Okay! A copywriter. But still.) This means that I write things all day, every day, for 40+ hours per week. When I get home, I often don’t even turn on my computer, much less want to write things for fun.

3. I wish I had a third reason, because lists should have at least three things, but I don’t. Shucks.


But there are a few reasons why I realize I do want to blog:

1. I love that they document your life in both words and pictures.

2. My job is awesome. But it isn’t that challenging. And though I have less spare time now than ever, that spare time is often spent wasted on TV or at Target. (Seriously. The time I spend at Target is getting ridiculous.) Thus, I need a hobby.

3. I’m getting married soon! And while I don’t have a burning desire to share all of the nitty-gritty details on the internets, I do want to have some record of this time in my life.


Anyway, all this to say that… I don’t know. I’m wavering between committing or abandoning.



One thought on “I wish I were a blogger

  1. Well. I like to read what you write. So I vote for continuing. But I realize that it’s gotta come from within…

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