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MORE Projects!

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In the interest of blogging more, and of keeping track of some projects I’ve been working on, here’s another blog post (which I’m sure many were eagerly waiting for)! My creativity for the evening is waning, so my night is coming to a close with this post.

Remember this post with the two frames? Well, the project has grown. Quite a bit, actually, into this:

Let’s just say that this has become quite the hobby. I think that this project is in it’s finished stage, though that could change. I enjoy the fact that this type of wall decor is constantly evolving.

Here’s a little painting I did (during exam week, I think) to cover up an ugly utilitarian door that is awkwardly prominent in our living room:

And a little chalkboard to cover a blank wall. When roommates move out, they leave holes in the decor. And in our hearts. (Please tell me you understood that that was sappy sarcasm. Though I do miss my roommates, I’m not all about quaint prose.)

Currently the chalkboard holds my to-do list, so I have some purpose in my state of unemployment. One of the things to do: Find a job, of course.

Oh yes! You may have seen the lamp in the first two pictures. Well, I redid the lampshade on it! This is not at the top of my list of favorite projects, but it is sort of interesting. I may attempt to redo it at some point with different fabric. And I hope to someday paint the bottom of the lamp as well.

The pictures are kind of shadowy because 1) I am not a photographer, 2) it is 11pm, and 3) at this point, I don’t care that much. 🙂

And finally my lastest and favorite-est project:

Embroidery hoops! I got these cheap at a thrift store and got this great fabric from my mother.

Once again, most of these project ideas came from Pinterest and were fueled tonight by watching (listening, really, if I was being honest) Mr. and Mrs. Smith twice on a DVD player that is new to our apartment. Before, we had just a VCR and two videos: A Walk to Remember and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, both of which got a LOT of playing time for Hannah and I before the arrival of this DVD player.

I have much on the aforementioned to-do list, so there may be more blog posts in the near future. But, then again, perhaps “cleaning the fish bowl” isn’t so much blog-worthy…


One thought on “MORE Projects!

  1. love the lampshade! That would be adorable in the girls room

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