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Basking in the glory of Unemployment

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The title of this post might seem a bit… well, ridiculous.

In theory, I should be more worried about not having a job or income at this point. I should not be feeling free-as-a-lark or happy-go-lucky but should feel weighted down or burdened by the fact that I’m now unemployed, as of yesterday. I should feel depressed by the state of the economy and the never-ending recession. (Thank you, NPR, for the constant updates that we’re not really doing very well.)

(For the record, I was not fired or laid off or anything; I merely had a 5-month internship that has just now come to a close. A wonderful internship, I might add.)

But instead of feeling these things that the world tells me I should be feeling, I feel an incredible sense of peace. Several things have recently fallen into place for me for the next two weeks that I would absolutely not have been able to do if I were gainfully employed. And I’m excited to see how God works through these weeks.

A quick update: Next week I’ll be a Pines counselor at Camp Geneva. TOTALLYFREAKINGAWESOME. And terrifying. This is a position that I have yet to experience at camp, despite my five summers of working there. Prayers that God will work through me to reach 10(?) fabulous middle-school girls next week would be appreciated! (And emails. HERE.)

And now, a photo from the archives:

camp counselor

Yes, this is me when I was a counselor in 2008–but on Shores. And crazy fact: These youngsters (then in 3/4th grade) are now old enough to be Pines campers!

After my one week at Geneva, Kenny and I and our friends Mike and Shelly are going to a Tigers game during the weekend. WOOO!

On Monday, after I pick up my sister from the airport and bring her to an appointment, I have a REAL PERSON INTERVIEW (like for a REAL JOB). More prayers, please.

Then my sister and I will drive up north 4.5 hours to vacation with my WHOLE IMMEDIATE FAMILY. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS. Okay, just kidding. (But not really). It’ll be the first family vacation with all of us in quite a few years. This could be awesome.

Then I’ll be back to either a) working, if I can manage to find a job by that point, or b) looking for a job still. And wholeheartedly enjoying my summer.


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