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I guess this is a craft blog so far…


So, this was not my intention–well, I didn’t really have any intentions when I started this blog, but I didn’t envision having crafty posts dominating so far. If you can call two whole posts dominating… but remember the frames from the last post? and the awesome artwork?

(I do realize the absurdity of linking back to a past post when I have a grand total of three posts to my blog thus far, but what can I say? I’m a good blogger.)
Well, I remade the smaller canvas into the umbrella picture, but I didn’t have any ideas for the larger one. And I was all crafted out for the time being.
And then exam week rolled around, and I needed more things to procrastinate with. And so the second ugly piece of artwork was remade (again, thanks to Pinterest. Another great procrastination tool.)


I covered the 70s mustard brown landscape with newspaper, thanks to Hannah’s tacky glue.

and on went some branches…

And then I colored them in… with sharpie. keep in mind that I perhaps should have been studying for my Creeds and Confessions exam at this point (which was today, and went just fine, so it’s all good!)…

And finally, I (of course) added birds! They’re all the artwork rage right now. So I conformed.


The photo is a bit dark, but I took it during a thunderstorm/tornado/something. I hung it in our hallway, not in its original frame, but I don’t know if it will stay there. I’m also thinking I should finish it somehow with a coat of something… mod podge? varnish?

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “I guess this is a craft blog so far…

  1. Nice! I think I would finish it with some spray water-based polyurethane (clear cote). Sometimes when I use Mod Podge on something like that, it causes bubbling/wrinkles. Angie G. might be good person to ask otherwise:).
    I also like that you didn’t destroy a book, and that you used the canvas from the ugly painting. Are you done with exams now? Like, are you DONE-DONE???

  2. I suggest polyurethane as well…. 🙂

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