Planting Sequoias

In which I blog about a life (hopefully) well lived.



This weekend, I stumbled across several things that were super exciting to me: a garage sale, great deals, and a do-it-yourself project. I managed to get two seventies-style pieces of artwork (think olive green, mustard yellow, and overwhelming amounts of brown) that had disgusting brownish-gold frames. They were incredibly dusty, as if they’d probably sat in a barn for the last decade, but they were only $1 for both of them. Of course I was excited.

I carted them off to the car as Kenny eyed them distastefully. He didn’t see any potential in them and I’m sure he thought I was crazy. I’m okay with that. He pretends to understand me.

What with the weather cooperating and all, I immediately set to work on these beauties:



Lovely, are they not? I took out the artwork…


After a lot of soapy water, I was left with two beautiful frames just begging for a coat of brightly colored paint.

See? They’re begging.

Kenny then inquired as to what I was going to put in the frames…and I patiently explained to him that the frames were the art. He still thought I was crazy, but humored me. Good man.

I even primed the frames. And to make my $1 project an even better deal, I used free samples of paint that Valspar mailed to me.



My roommates must also think I am a little crazy. But they put up with me as well, most of the time.

Though I intended to leave all of the frames empty (I added two more small frames to my collection from Goodwill the next day), I was overwhelmed with craftiness and painted over one of the yucky art.


Needless to say I am quite proud of myself.

Here’s the arrangement of my frames on the wall. I intend to add more as this looks a little sparse.


I have been on a super crafty streak these days, mostly due to Pinterest…what better to do 3 weeks before graduation?


2 thoughts on “Framed.

  1. I love it, Annie! They’re great!

    Also, I can pictures Kenny’s face of confusion. I often see that look on Jared’s face… but good things happen after that face is made, mostly, craft goodness:)!

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